TheQube 0.8 alpha1 is out

As you already know, TheQube was suspended from written actions by Twitter, then brought to life, and then suspended again.
Of course I do all my best to restore TheQube’s functionality as it was before. But since Twitter people do not hurry to answer my requests, I decided to issue a temporary patch.
Please see the changes to TheQube code in the changelog, and now I have a couple more things to say.


  • As this is a temporary patch dealing with Twitter credentials storage and such things, you have to reauthorize after installing this version.
  • This release invalidates all previous TheQube releases authorization: this is preproduction version, you have been warned and should be aware of such things.
  • After things come back and stable, probably you might want to reauthorize again. Now I can’t say exactly whether it will be necessary or not.
  • Although this is not my fault in any way, I ask you to excuse me for any inconvenience this brought or will bring you.

Download TheQube 0.8 alpha1

Full multilingual installer