TheQube 0.9.1 is Out

This is a hotfix addressing one bug introduced in 0.9 and one small but longstanding issue from before.
Changes in this version:

  • -Fixed: Direct messages, sent items and tweets in individual timelines are now read correctly. More than that, you haven’t to clear the buffers anymore. But please note, if you see ellipses and links to /i/web/status, you will need to clear that particular buffer to read full tweets.
  • -Fixed: When you try to get relationship between yourself and yourself or between the same user, a proper error message will be issued.

Download TheQube 0.9.1 installer from Github

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Published by Menelion Elensúlë

Hello! My name is Andre Polykanine, but I'm more widely known as Menelion Elensúlë which is my pen name and my nickname in different services. I'm a geek from Ukraine. Married and happy. I work as a hardware/software translator and tester. My interests are languages, software development, reading, music and getting knowledge in general.

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  1. Hi! I want install Theqube 0.9.1 in Windows 10 and this is the error when initialize the setup: Error
    Runtime Error (at -1:0):
    Cannot Import
    ssProc.dll. Any idea to run?

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