TheQube 0.9 is Out

It is a release introducing support for 280 characters in tweets and 50 characters in names.
Note! As Twitter changed their way to get tweet text, you have to clear all of your buffers and then re-check for update. To do this, first press Ctrl+Shift+Windows+Delete, then answer Yes, and then press Ctrl+Alt+Windows+U to re-populate the updates.
Changes in this version include:

  • +New: Added support for 280-character tweets and 50-character names (#67).
  • *Changed: More changes for better Windows 10 compatibility:
    • To send a new direct message, press Ctrl+Alt+Win+D;
    • To move between sessions, press Alt+Win+Shift+Right and Left arrows.

Download TheQube 0.9 multilingual installer from Github

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