TheQube 0.8 is out

Hi everyone,
At last, TheQube 0.8 is here for you to play with!


  • +New: Added support for long direct messages (up to 10000 characters).
  • +New: Added support for quoted tweets. To quote a tweet, press Ctrl+Shift+Win+Q. If you read a tweet with quote in it, the quoted tweet will be prepended by QT (analogously to RT for retweets). Thanks to Manuel Cortéz for his great help!
  • +New: Added the URL shortening service.
  • +Added: Added support for new Audioboom post URLs.
  • *Changed: improved the Twitter credentials storing technology.
  • *Changed: Several hotkeys changed for Windows 10 compatibility:
    • Moving by items in buffer changed to Alt+Win+Up and Down arrows;
    • Moving to next and previous buffer changed to Alt+Win+Right and Left arrows;
    • New direct message dialog is invoked by Alt+Win+D;
    • If you use SAPI 5, stop speech by Alt+Win+S;
    • Close TheQube using Ctrl+Alt+Win+F4;
    • Interact with a URL by pressing Ctrl+Win+Alt+Enter.
  • *Changed: Favorites and everything related to them renamed to likes as requested by Twitter.
  • *Changed: The documentation is converted to manually written HTML 5 with WAI-ARIA mark-up. Enjoy moving not only by headings, but also by regions! Please note: this is still work in progress. If you want to help making docs better, please send pull-requests on our Github.


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  1. I am so very happy that TheQube is back!! I missed you so much, but I just realized that I have spent so much time trying to learn a new Twitter client I have forgotten the hotkeys for TheQube. Is there someplace I can find a list of hotkeys that I can have a a word document to refer to? That would be such a big help. Again I am so very happy that you are back!

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