TheQube 0.7.1 is out

This is a maintenance release aimed to fix several longstanding bugs.
Known issue: readme is not properly formatted, it is a work in progress.

Changes and fixes

  • New: added the URL shortening service.
  • Fixed: Temporarily removed non-working URL shortening services, namely and as they require a CAPTCHA now.
  • Fixed: #29: Log files grow to insane sizes. For now the maximum filesize is set to 100 kb.
  • Fixed: Posting audio is back.
  • Fixed: Pressing Enter doesn’t add a new line on sending a tweet.

Download TheQube 0.7.1

Full multilingual installer:
TheQube 0.7.1 executable
All feedback and comments are always welcome.

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Published by Menelion Elensúlë

Hello! My name is Andre Polykanine, but I'm more widely known as Menelion Elensúlë which is my pen name and my nickname in different services. I'm a geek from Ukraine. Married and happy. I work as a hardware/software translator and tester. My interests are languages, software development, reading, music and getting knowledge in general.

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  1. I’m blind man and i’m user of version TheQube-0.7 in Windows 7 home premium. For 4 days the program not connected and gives the following message in spanish: It failed to generate the previously loaded sessions. Send registration to the development team of the cube, please.
    Sorry .It failed to start the process. (in spanish: Se produjo un error al generar las sesiones cargadas anteriormente.Envía el registro al equipo de desarrollo de the cube, por favor.
    Lo sentimos.Se produjo un error al iniciar el proceso).
    I tried to restore the system to an earlier date but fixes this bug and I can not use The Qube. I uninstalled the version that fails deleting the folder The Qube in the Program files (x86) folder. Then I installed the version 0.7.1 The Qube and produces the same error.
    It indicates that inform the development team. What I can do to make the qube program work correctly? thanks

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