TheQube 0.7 is out!

At last and finally TheQube 0.7 is out!
Please note that it’s still a preproduction release so there might be errors and issues that will be fixed in upcoming versions.

Changes in this version

  • Now the application is called TheQube (without a space) and versioned according to usually adopted system major.minor.patch. And, until the first stable version is released, the first digit will be zero, so this version is 0.7.
  • The Speech and Braille tabs in the global TheQube configuration are consolidated into one tab since the Braille tab contained only one check box.
  • The tweets translation service is back (#27)
  • Audio links from rebranded AudioBoom are supported.
  • Now TheQube has a permanent multilingual website
  • Now Ctrl+BackSpace works in new message dialogs, allowing to delete previous word.
  • Now the website address in the profile info dialog won’t be shortened with
  • Now the profile info dialog shows also the number of users that added the current user to their lists.
  • The doc folder is removed from sources as it doesn’t contain any meaningful guidelines for TheQube developers. If the number of developers grows, such guidelines will be rewritten.
  • Temporarily removed support of the URL shortener because of a service error, see their main page
  • Added support for new URL shortening services, namely, and Readability
  • The authorization process doesn’t require a pin code anymore. However, the browser page still opens, we can’t do anything to it so far (#13)

    • As the application name and authorization process have changed, it’s quite probable that you need to wipe your %AppData%\TheQube folder and re-authorize your sessions. Sorry about this.
    • If you have more than one session and try to authorize one session and then another one just after this, Twitter might not redirect you to the success page. If such a thing happens, you have to restart TheQube (#49)


Download TheQube 0.7

Full multilingual installer: TheQube 0.7 executable
All feedback and comments are welcome.

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