TheQube 0.9.1 is Out

This is a hotfix addressing one bug introduced in 0.9 and one small but longstanding issue from before.
Changes in this version:

  • -Fixed: Direct messages, sent items and tweets in individual timelines are now read correctly. More than that, you haven’t to clear the buffers anymore. But please note, if you see ellipses and links to /i/web/status, you will need to clear that particular buffer to read full tweets.
  • -Fixed: When you try to get relationship between yourself and yourself or between the same user, a proper error message will be issued.

Download TheQube 0.9.1 installer from Github

TheQube 0.9 is Out

It is a release introducing support for 280 characters in tweets and 50 characters in names.
Note! As Twitter changed their way to get tweet text, you have to clear all of your buffers and then re-check for update. To do this, first press Ctrl+Shift+Windows+Delete, then answer Yes, and then press Ctrl+Alt+Windows+U to re-populate the updates.
Changes in this version include:

  • +New: Added support for 280-character tweets and 50-character names (#67).
  • *Changed: More changes for better Windows 10 compatibility:
    • To send a new direct message, press Ctrl+Alt+Win+D;
    • To move between sessions, press Alt+Win+Shift+Right and Left arrows.

Download TheQube 0.9 multilingual installer from Github

TheQube 0.8 is out

Hi everyone,
At last, TheQube 0.8 is here for you to play with!


  • +New: Added support for long direct messages (up to 10000 characters).
  • +New: Added support for quoted tweets. To quote a tweet, press Ctrl+Shift+Win+Q. If you read a tweet with quote in it, the quoted tweet will be prepended by QT (analogously to RT for retweets). Thanks to Manuel Cortéz for his great help!
  • +New: Added the URL shortening service.
  • +Added: Added support for new Audioboom post URLs.
  • *Changed: improved the Twitter credentials storing technology.
  • *Changed: Several hotkeys changed for Windows 10 compatibility:
    • Moving by items in buffer changed to Alt+Win+Up and Down arrows;
    • Moving to next and previous buffer changed to Alt+Win+Right and Left arrows;
    • New direct message dialog is invoked by Alt+Win+D;
    • If you use SAPI 5, stop speech by Alt+Win+S;
    • Close TheQube using Ctrl+Alt+Win+F4;
    • Interact with a URL by pressing Ctrl+Win+Alt+Enter.
  • *Changed: Favorites and everything related to them renamed to likes as requested by Twitter.
  • *Changed: The documentation is converted to manually written HTML 5 with WAI-ARIA mark-up. Enjoy moving not only by headings, but also by regions! Please note: this is still work in progress. If you want to help making docs better, please send pull-requests on our Github.


Download TheQube 0.8

Get TheQube 0.8

TheQube 0.8 alpha1 is out

As you already know, TheQube was suspended from written actions by Twitter, then brought to life, and then suspended again.
Of course I do all my best to restore TheQube’s functionality as it was before. But since Twitter people do not hurry to answer my requests, I decided to issue a temporary patch.
Please see the changes to TheQube code in the changelog, and now I have a couple more things to say.


  • As this is a temporary patch dealing with Twitter credentials storage and such things, you have to reauthorize after installing this version.
  • This release invalidates all previous TheQube releases authorization: this is preproduction version, you have been warned and should be aware of such things.
  • After things come back and stable, probably you might want to reauthorize again. Now I can’t say exactly whether it will be necessary or not.
  • Although this is not my fault in any way, I ask you to excuse me for any inconvenience this brought or will bring you.

Download TheQube 0.8 alpha1

Full multilingual installer

We’re back

Fortunately, Twitter has removed the restriction to post for TheQube users.
They said that some activity issued from TheQube was reported as spam.
Some of you already ask me: will this repeat in the future?
My answer yes: this is possible. Because I, being TheQube’s main developer, am not in any way responsible for all content posted by TheQube users (which is actually kind of ridiculous to suppose).
So let’s hope this won’t repeat… at least too soon :).

TheQube is suspended from writing by Twitter

Hello everyone,
today Twitter for some reason suspended TheQube from performing any writing actions (sending tweets, DMs, mentions, retweets, following users, etc.).
the reason of this decision is completely unknown to me. The source code has not been change since version 0.7.1, and I’ve already notified Twitter about it.
If anyone could help in any way, please feel free to comment this post.
Thank you.

TheQube 0.7.1 is out

This is a maintenance release aimed to fix several longstanding bugs.
Known issue: readme is not properly formatted, it is a work in progress.

Changes and fixes

  • New: added the URL shortening service.
  • Fixed: Temporarily removed non-working URL shortening services, namely and as they require a CAPTCHA now.
  • Fixed: #29: Log files grow to insane sizes. For now the maximum filesize is set to 100 kb.
  • Fixed: Posting audio is back.
  • Fixed: Pressing Enter doesn’t add a new line on sending a tweet.

Download TheQube 0.7.1

Full multilingual installer:
TheQube 0.7.1 executable
All feedback and comments are always welcome.

TheQube 0.7 is out!

At last and finally TheQube 0.7 is out!
Please note that it’s still a preproduction release so there might be errors and issues that will be fixed in upcoming versions.

Changes in this version

  • Now the application is called TheQube (without a space) and versioned according to usually adopted system major.minor.patch. And, until the first stable version is released, the first digit will be zero, so this version is 0.7.
  • The Speech and Braille tabs in the global TheQube configuration are consolidated into one tab since the Braille tab contained only one check box.
  • The tweets translation service is back (#27)
  • Audio links from rebranded AudioBoom are supported.
  • Now TheQube has a permanent multilingual website
  • Now Ctrl+BackSpace works in new message dialogs, allowing to delete previous word.
  • Now the website address in the profile info dialog won’t be shortened with
  • Now the profile info dialog shows also the number of users that added the current user to their lists.
  • The doc folder is removed from sources as it doesn’t contain any meaningful guidelines for TheQube developers. If the number of developers grows, such guidelines will be rewritten.
  • Temporarily removed support of the URL shortener because of a service error, see their main page
  • Added support for new URL shortening services, namely, and Readability
  • The authorization process doesn’t require a pin code anymore. However, the browser page still opens, we can’t do anything to it so far (#13)

    • As the application name and authorization process have changed, it’s quite probable that you need to wipe your %AppData%\TheQube folder and re-authorize your sessions. Sorry about this.
    • If you have more than one session and try to authorize one session and then another one just after this, Twitter might not redirect you to the success page. If such a thing happens, you have to restart TheQube (#49)


Download TheQube 0.7

Full multilingual installer: TheQube 0.7 executable
All feedback and comments are welcome.

Welcome to TheQube!

Hello and welcome to TheQube — an accessible social networking client developed mainly for the blind and visually impaired users!
Here you’ll see all of the announcements, new version releases and various stuff related to TheQube.
If you would like to read more about TheQube’s history and get in touch with its developers, please refer to the About TheQube page.